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A complex, fascinating building rich in architectural and historical importance, this began its life as yet another three-story brick cube, hard on the corner of George and Brown Streets, with its principal entrance centered on the George Street elevation. Charlotte Rhoda Ives Goddard (1792-1881) and husband William Giles Goddard (1794-1846), professor and board member at Brown University, built, as did her brother Moses Brown Ives, near the home of her parents. After his mother’s death, William Goddard (1825-1907) reoriented the front of the house to its present location on Brown Street, constructing a large addition. Stone, Carpenter & Willson handled the remodeling. The addition is compelling because of its highly contextual exterior (would you otherwise know that it is an addition?) and its high-style Queen Anne interior. The library and dining room, published in Artistic Houses: Interior Views of Homes in the United States (1883), state-of-the-art interiors of their time beautifully maintained by Brown University, are well worth a peek. The university acquired the house from William Goddard’s daughter, Hope Goddard Iselin, in 1940. Irving B. Haynes & Associates carried out the 1973 renovation to the building, and Clifford M. Renshaw designed the connector to Francis W. Goddard House.

– 2003 Guide to Providence Architecture

The image below is taken from the PPS Gowdey Database.

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