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Four Greek Revival houses in a row illustrate the forms typical for this style in Providence. The two ends of this row are houses larger in scale than most and both feature unusual pilaster strips framing each of their façade’s three bays. Slocum’s format (99 Power Street, pictured here) is the more typical, with its entrance at one side of the main block’s façade; the post-Civil War addition along the original west elevation adds vigorously visual interest. Hill’s (85 Power Street) is worthy of note as the home of a local builder who apprenticed with John Holden Greene. In between are the flank-gable-roof Foster House (93 Power Street) and the end-gable-roof Tillinghast House (89 Power Street).

– 2003 Guide to Providence Architecture

The images below are taken from the PPS Gowdey Database. First image is of 85 Power Street.


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