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2009; distill studio, architect; Stack Design Build, builder; truth box inc., developer

This extraordinary assemblage, located on the former site of a lumber yard and adjacent to a prominent traffic artery, has deservedly become a local architectural landmark in less than five years. Created from 35 recycled shipping containers purchased in New Jersey, brought to Rhode Island, and modified off site, the complex evokes the work of Moshe Safdie (born 1938)—most notably Habitat 67, created for the 1967 World’s Fair in Montreal. 

This project was very much a collaborative effort among those involved in its creation, conceived from the beginning as environmentally friendly new construction. Its significance embraces several elements: thoughtful recycling of often-thoughtlessly-abandoned large objects, compelling juxtaposition of forms, and creating a new vision of urban architecture.

Not surprisingly, The Box Office complex houses a variety of Providence’s most innovative creative firms. 

— Festival of Historic Houses Guidebook, 2013

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