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A later addition to the Paterson Park neighborhood, the 1918 Frederick Anthony House was built for a designer. Hallmarks of the Craftsman style are evident with the hipped roof, wide bracketed eaves, and brick ground floor with wooden upper floors. 

After Anthony’s death, his widow Ida lived at the house with her nurse, Jennie McKenzie. By 1950, the house was occupied by Dr. Francis Corrigan, a physician. 

The house has been greatly modernized while respecting the structure – a fresh take enhancing the Craftsman style’s nod to simplicity. The current owners revamped the exterior, removing the upper story shingles and replacing them with clapboards. The brick was painted and the entrance porch was widened with a new railing system. The bracketed entrance hood is original to the house. 

— Festival of Historic Houses Guidebook, 2019

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