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This is a property that deserves much further study to understand its history and development. While we know that it was built in the middle of the 19th century, its overall form and detailing suggest the Colonial Revival of the early 20th century. Providence has long reveled in its colonial heritage—continuing to build houses similar to those of the 18th century or remodeling in that mode (see 79 Prospect Street)—and here we see a house covered in stucco with a Federal Revival entrance, a remodeling perhaps inspired by the Daniel Hale House (1825; Hiram Hill builder), just around the corner and down the street at 37 George Street.

Although Bliven built and owned this house, it was on leased land, a practice not uncommon in 19th-century Providence. Bliven, a musician, and his wife remained here only briefly. The house may well have been at least a two-family house from the time of its construction. While we know the history of ownership, the history of its use and appearance remain an intriguing puzzle.

The interior has been much remodeled over several generations. Today we see a handsome interior, most recently renovated in 2011. The current owners opened the kitchen’s west wall to bring in more light from the window on the west elevation, a deft modification that nicely brings together kitchen and dining room. They also installed a suavely integrated paneled Murphy bed in their office, so it can easily transform into a guest room.

– Festival of Historic Houses Guidebook, 2013

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