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Construction of low-rise speculative industrial buildings continued into the middle years of the 20th century, as witnessed by this minimally Art Deco example. Several small wood-frame buildings stood here until around the time of World War II. In 1941, brothers Reginald and Rodney Reynolds purchased the property. Following the lifting of restrictions on speculative new construction during the war, the brothers constructed this building. Largely utilitarian in form and detail, it nevertheless makes a nod toward architectural fashion at the frame for the principal entrance, set at a 45° angle to the walls at the northeast corner, which has a stepped parapet and basket weave-brick panel that evoke Art Deco, a style that continued to be popular into the mid-20th century. Brown University renovated the space for its tenant, Nabsys, who took occupancy in December, 2010. The renovation was done by Site Specific.

— 2012 Festival of Historic Houses Guidebook

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