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Three middling houses make a fine ending to the South Side, for they summarize the single-family dwellings found on so many side streets of Elmwood and South Providence and reflect the preservation efforts that have occurred in these neighborhoods since the 1970s. The small-scale and charming mansard-roof Stanley House, at number 117, was the home of a succession of ardent, inner-city preservationists, the first acquiring it soon after his graduation from Brown University in 1973. The slightly later Comstock (118 Comstock) and Godfrey (113 Comstock) Houses show the range of massing and ornamentation to the mid-income homeowner in the 1880s.

– 2003 Guide to Providence Architecture

Note: Image shows 117 Comstock to the left, 113 Comstock in center, and 118 Comstock on far right (with rounded projection).

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