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Shortly before the death of his mother, Goddard (1833-1889) acquired the side lot of the house in which he grew up and proceeded to build his own house. A partner in the family business founded in shipping but by his generation diversified into other ventures, he and his wife, Elizabeth Ledyard Goddard, built one of the very few High Victorian Gothic houses in Providence (Stone & Carpenter, architects). This is one of Providence’s best houses from the late 1870s. It provides a fascinating contrast to the remodeling his brother did at the family seat next door just a couple of years later: two brothers making use of the same architectural firm, yet what a difference between the gothicizing forms that had been popular for forty years, seen here, and the neo-colonial next door (38 Brown Street).

– 2003 Guide to Providence Architecture

The images below are taken from the PPS Gowdey Database.

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