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Like the Arnold House at 24 Stimson Avenue this is another nationally known Providence house but, unlike Arnold, this at least has some context. This house was used as home of the family central to the television show “Providence,” which aired on NBC beginning in the late 1990s. While it is not distinctly representative of early twentieth-century Providence architecture, its selection was not too far off the mark for a couple of reasons. It is a fine Dutch Colonial house, the best in Providence, so it ably represents Providence as a place to find good architecture. And as a Dutch Colonial house, it carries with it the association of cheerful familial domestically, a concept important to the television show’s plot. After a couple of years on the air, the television studio decided for cost reasons to “recreate” the house on a West Coast sound stage; the stage-set house, appropriately, was as thin and lifeless as the show’s plot.

– 2003 Guide to Providence Architecture

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