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As Providence anticipates the opening of public parks on the east and west sides of the Providence River and the new pedestrian bridge, the threat of an inappropriately sited luxury high-rise tower continues to overshadow this public amenity before it opens.

Last year, we included the West Side Park (Parcel P4) on the MEP List citing grave concerns about land taken from the park (23,004 square feet) by the General Assembly for private development on Parcel 42. This year, we include both parcels as under eminent threat. Although the Hope Point Tower application continues to move through the approval process at the I-195 Redevelopment District Commission, serious questions remain about the proposal’s viability while litigation to stop the tower is pending.

Through design review at the city level and I-195 District, PPS has testified that the design of the 6-story commercial and parking podium base will negatively affect the abutting public park. We continue to closely monitor this situation and raise concerns about the future health and success of the park amenity.

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