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The Potters Avenue School, owned by the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, is a two-story, brick structure typical of the parish schools built by the Roman Catholic Church in the 1920s. Located nearby, but not adjacent to, the church, the Potters Avenue Elementary School served the predominantly Irish Catholic congregation in addition to residents of the surrounding area. Financial strain and dwindling attendance forced the church to close and subsequently sell the school in 1974.  In 2002, PPS included the Potters Avenue School in conjunction with the Grove and Manton Street Schools on the Most Endangered Properties list. At the time, the school was owned by M&J Supply Company and was being used as storage. Disrepair and vacancy jeopardized the future of this historic schoolhouse. The size, stability, and location of the Potters Avenue School meant that it had a very high reuse potential, and could ideally be easily converted back into public school classroom space.

SAVED: The Potters Avenue Elementary School was purchased by an owner who converted the building into twelve residential condominiums. The building was included in the Providence Landmark District, which provides for review of major alterations and demolitions by the Providence Historic District Commission and allows for 30% State Tax Credit for eligible projects.

    JosePH Dennis says:

    Attended school here from 1954 to 1958. Check to see class pictures for that time period.

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