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A house more polemical than aesthetic. Designed and built during the early waves of Post-Modernism, when goofy proportions and wacky, ironic references abounded, this house, designed by Friedrich St Florian, is precise and reserved. Its overall proportions are based on formulas from antiquity filtered through the late sixteenth-century designs of north Italian architect Andrea Palladio, and its exterior is based on seventeen-foot module, with the fa├žade fifty-one-feet wide (3 x 17), and the side walls thirty-four-feet deep (2 x 17). But the excruciatingly reductivist detail and awkward and overly large belvedere atop the house erode the effect. Ultimately, the house lacks the grace of Palladio. And for a house so seriously attempting to emerge from an architectural continuum, it does not relate well to the neighboring large houses built in that tradition almost a century before this.

– 2003 Guide to Providence Architecture

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