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Roger Williams Middle School is a 4-story brick and limestone public school built in 1932 in Lower South Providence. The Georgian Revival style building features a flat roof and a colossal portico. It was designed by architects through the Office of the Commissioner of Public Buildings and is a prime example of early 20th century institutional architecture in Providence. Fidelity employees regularly contribute hundreds of hours each year to projects that are suitable, but major work is required. While the school has a new digital media laboratory, when included on the 2016 Most Endangered Properties list, it suffered from problems resulting from a long-leaky roof and lack of modern fire suppression systems. Plaster crumbled from walls and ceilings. The auditorium, although serving as a classroom for this overcrowded school, needed repairs to its historic seats, plaster walls and ceiling, and its magnificent stage area. Curtains were removed due to fire code issues, lighting hardly worked and the catwalk may not have been safe for use, so what was once a major asset had become a liability. As of February, 2019, conditions are unknown.

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