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This one of two churches that Keeley designed in Providence [with The Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul]. Keeley’s training with A.W.N. Pugin shows in this random-course-sandstone building’s vigor of massing and detail. This commission gave the relatively young Roman Catholic community a Gothic architectural peer of the Episcopalians’ recently completed Grace Church by the other early master of that mode, Richard Upjohn. Among those who worked in Keeley’s office was James Murphy, whose St Mary’s Church is clearly related stylistically to this. In the fine interior, dominated by the high nave, is a set of stained-glass windows by Munich’s Franz Mayer Studio; this traditional set, installed between 1900 and 1905, begins with the Annunciation at the nave’s southwest corner and continues counterclockwise to the Pentecost at the northwest corner. The Tudor Revival-style Parish Hall, north of the church itself, is the design of Martin & Hall, who, ecumenically and unusually, also designed a Parish Hall for St Stephen’s Episcopal Church about the same time.

– 2003 Guide to Providence Architecture

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