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The Unitarians, who built this delightfully rambling complex in two stages moved here from a staunch Greek Revival temple designed and built by Warren, Tallman & Bucklin. The granite uncoursed rubblestone western section- Woodbury Memorial Chapel- was built first, followed by ashlar sanctuary, This rambling stone complex, designed by Howard K. Hilton, is quite a switch in architectural expression, from the congregation’s urbanistically monumental former home to this nearly rural picturesque building. The latitude of belief within the Unitarian faith offers no immediate explanation for the formal choice found here. The Unitarians moved to East Greenwich in 1959, and a predominantly Swedish Methodist congregation occupied the building until 1977. Since then, this has been the religious home to  Hood Memorial Church, a congregation first gathered in west Elmwood in the 1860s.

– 2003 Guide to Providence Architecture

When the church was included on the Most Endangered Properties list in 2014 and 2015, the building was unused and suffering from vandalism and structural damage. Visit our website for updates on the status of this property.

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