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Two remarkably different houses lead by local architects Gould & Angell and a smooth composition by out of towner J.B. Goodwin – all at the intersection of Stimson Avenue and Diman Place. Gould & Angell’s Thurston-Gladding House (30 Stimson Avenue) is low, broad, and sprawling, with a horizontality unusual for their work and, in general, for the 1880s. Across the street, their Cross House (36 Stimson Avenue) has lively juxtapositions of materials and massing for example, the large octagonal tower emerging from the mass on the west wall and the dainty round pavilion extending the porch on the southeast corner. Goodwin’s house probably designed by a relative (this is his only commission in Providence), remarkably simple, with detail largely restricted to surface texture and massing. 

– 2003 Guide to Providence Architecture

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