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9 properties from 1895 to 1965

Welcome to the 32nd annual Festival of Historic Houses. Each spring we celebrate the beauty and history of a Providence neighborhood by opening the doors of some of its private residences. I want to thank our homeowners, who today share with us their passion for, and commitment to, the historic houses that they call “home.” Living in a historic house is a special calling. Those who answer it are stewards of, and contributors to, a real, living piece of history — which they will eventually pass along to someone else who will care for it as much and as well.

The positive effect that these carefully preserved houses can have on a city is evident as we tour the Blackstone Neighborhood, one of this city’s most beautiful and most architecturally varied. Today we are excited to invite you into three houses from the early 1960s — three very different examples of a broad category of architecture that has come to be called “mid-century modern.” To help recognize the importance of this period in domestic architecture, and to call attention to houses of this period, these three examples have all been awarded Providence Preservation Society Historic House Markers, which you will see on your tour. These houses are the first in Providence from this period to receive this coveted distinction.


— James Brayton Hall, edited for brevity

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