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12 properties, from 1847 to 1946

PPS is delighted to welcome you to the 33rd annual Festival of Historic Houses. Each spring, we come together to explore, learn about, and celebrate the beauty and history of Providence though the lens of our historic neighborhoods. Providence, New England’s most beautiful Historic City, is well known for the rich diversity of its historic architecture, in styles ranging from colonial to mid-century modern. [On this tour], thanks to the generosity of our homeowners, we will enjoy many stunning examples of residential architecture [… and] some of the city’s most desirable loft residences in the Jewelry District — brilliant examples of the adaptive re-use of industrial architecture. […]

Cities are not meant to be static, and at PPS we have always embraced and promoted an approach to city planning and preservation which favors a “both/and” solution over a less nuanced “either/or”. Each of these neighborhoods, though very different in appearance, show the ways in which cities evolve over time, and highlight the important role that preservation can and should play in that evolution.


– James Brayton Hall, from the 2012 Festival of Historic Houses guidebook, edited for brevity and context.

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